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*5.50% APR rates are based on one year personal loans for best borrowers with excellent credit and meet other conditions

LMBPersonalLoans is not providing or soliciting loans and is not a licensed lender of personal loans. LMBPersonalLoans is an information matching service and is not advertising for any of the companies listed or mentioned on our site. To obtain an individual rate, fill out a service information request form, which will refer you to licensed lenders or agents, or contact any of the listed lenders. Not all rates are available in all states.

All Loans are subject to credit approval by matched lenders. Your actual rate depends upon lender consideration of a number of additional factors, including your credit score, loan amount, loan term, and credit usable and history. Additional documentation may be required.

Personal Loan durations are typically for 12-60 months. Personal loans are not the same as payday loans. Payment durations will be longer than 60 days.

Associated fees will be determined based on the lender you select. Potential fees include the origination fee, which is shown in the APR, unsuccessful payment fees which can result in charges of but not limited to $15 depending on the lender, late payment fees which can be the greater of 5% of the unpaid installment amount or $15, depending on the lender, and potential check processing fees of $7 or more if payments are made with checks. Again, fees vary by lenders. The above are not guarantees. More specific details will be made available if you are matched to lenders and proceed in the lending process. The above are examples of potential fees.

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